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The ideas of Jean Vanier and the visions of the communities of L'Arche and the movement Faith and Light were reflected already at the time of the communist Czechoslovak state in 1989. An important fact was a secret visit of Jean Vanier in Czechoslovakia and some contacts of Slovak people with the Polish Faith and Light communities. The first Faith and Light community in Czechoslovakia rose in 1990 in Prague but it expired in two years.

In October 2001, other mental handicapped children and young people together with their friends and parents met in Brno for the first time and they created another community which was named "Little Frogs in puddle". The community tried to find out how to go it's way for a long time and applied for accepting into the "proving time" first in 1994 - and was acknowledged on 8th May 1997. In the autumn 1997 was the election of the coordinator of the community and in spring 1998 was nominated the first national correspondent.

In the autumn 2000 rose another community in Prague "Fireflies of St. John" - the parents who had been already meeting for a long time found in the ideas of Faith and Light what they had been searching for. This community which applied for accepting into the "proving time" already in November 2000 was acknowledged on 9th March 2002.

In the autumn 2000 was started the preparation of the dividing of "Frogs in puddle" which took whole the next year. The result of this long and painful process are - except of "Frogs in puddle" - two new communities. One of them chose the name "Little Suns from Streams" and the other one "Swallows of St. Francis".